2.兰州旅游景点介绍英语作文 兰州一日游英语作文

3.运城市旅游景点介绍英语 运城旅游的攻略英语





       I have a travel plan.I’m going to be in the Shaihai from January eighteenth to the twenty-fifth.I’m going to buy some clothes and books.I’m going to be in the Chouzhou from January twenty-sixth to the thirty-first.I’m going to visit my grandma.

       I’m going to be in the Guangzhou from February first to the fifteenth.I’m going to Disney Land.


兰州旅游景点介绍英语作文 兰州一日游英语作文

        每到假期的时候,很多人都喜欢去各处旅游,看看旅途的风景,洗涤自己的心灵,那关于旅游的 英语 作文 怎么写呢?下面我给大家带来关于旅游的英语作文优秀 范文 ,希望对你有帮助。



        I love traveling. Traveling not only broadens my horizons but also opens my eyes to the world. What's more, it refreshes me. You can go to Disneyland and experience what it's like to be “a child again!” You can visit one of the “seven wonders of the world,” such as the Grand Canyon and feel the magnificence of nature! You can taste the “magicial” ice water on a glacier, which can help you become more beautiful and make you live longer. Just forget all trifles and burdens that you have in your mind. Experience is a type of living knowledge. You'll be sure to experience many new things when traveling. You don't even need a tour guide if you long for more freedom. Just don't forget to bring your backpack!


        There are varied ways of defining tourism. Some people regard it as a pollution-free industry; others think of it an invisible school, Both are based on an accepted fact that tourism cannot only produce profits bearing no pollution along with, but help broaden knowledge and fortify healthy. Aside from the above there exists awidespread theory, claiming that whatever is of the ability to increase in capital belongs to productive industry. In this sense, tourism should hold a position in the scope and ought to be treated as such.

        It is true that there is some sense in the theory, yet another equally or even more important aspect should be granted more publicity to. Tourism, in terms of its objective purposes, has a social function which contributes to human communication. Coming from vadous social backgrounds, having motives and goals of every kind, tourists get together, draw close and exchange ideas of their own, from which a fresh state of mind will be created. So what kind of production is it? To the question we should have good reason to give a proper answer: it is a spirit production, a reproduction of relations of production. And the more frequently such exchanges are made, the more good they will do to promoting social and economic development of the mutual. If it is the case that making money through tourism means a dent we have made, so it foretells a fortune to provide cultural service along with tourism. Therefore, to keep close eyes on the latter involves changing our minds first, that is, tourism is by no means a pure economic concept, but takes plenty of ideological activities as its content.

        To sum up, unlike other economic forms, the profits from tourism economy cannot be measured completely by means of how much output value, profit, and foreign exchange it will produce. In addition to the reputation of pollution-free industry, its social and far-reaching profit should be probed more deeply. As such the existing scenic spots ought to be kept in good maintenance, and some new ones exploited. Moreover, constructing first-class soft and hard surroundings is desired to attract tourists, the foreign and the domestic。


        Travel is a very good means of broadening a person39s perspective.Travel may relieve a person of boredom and gloom. Travelers can choose differentmodes of transportation which have advantage s and disadvantages.? Travel is avery good means of broadening a person39s perspective. It makes you come intocontact with different cultures, meet people of different colors and go through peculiarrites and ceremonies. Travelling much, you will not on ly enrich your knowledge andexperiences, but also be aware of the vastness of nature. Travel may also relieve personof boredom and gloom. Travel brings you enjo yment and attraction. It gives you apleasant experience, which will disperse your boredom and make you forget whateverannoys you. Travel broadens your mind and leaves you good memories. Later, you maygo over these memories and enjoy your past experiences, thus keeping a fresh and sunnymind. 整理:The field39s his study, nature was his book. Travelers can choose different modes oftransportation which have advantage s and disadvantages. Airplanes are the fastest butalso the most expensive. Bus es and trains are less expensive, but they soon make youfeel cramped and unco mfortable. Ships provide you with comfort unless you get seasick.Most people c an afford traveling by bicycle, which, although slow, can limber upyour mus cles and get you closer to nature. I love traveling.Traveling not only broadens my horizons but also opens my eye s to the world.What39s more it refreshes me. You can go to Disneyland and expe rience whatit39s like to be “a child again” You can visit one of the “seven wonders of theworld” such as the Grand Canyon and feel the magnificence of n ature You can taste the“magicial” ice water on a glacier which can help yo u become more beautiful and makeyou live longer. Just forget all trifles and b urdens that you have in your mind. Experienceis a type of living knowledge. Yo u39ll be sure to experience many new things whentraveling. You don39t even need a tour guide if you long for more freedom. Justdon39t forget to bring your back pack


        I went to three cities to play during last summer holidays. They are Beijing, Dalian and HuHehot.

        I went to Beijing more than eight times. Beijing is the capital of China. It’s a big city. I am very familiar with Beijing. It takes an hour and forty minutes from Nantong to Beijing by plane. There are many tall buildings in Beijing. It’s a modern city. My family visited the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Palace Museum, the Beihai Park, the Space Museum, etc. I went to the countryside of Beijing to go boating and fishing. It was very interesting. I went shopping in WangFuJing. I bought lots of souvenirs and other things. I like eating Beijing snacks. They are delicious. Don’t mithe Beijing Duck. It is really nice.

        Dalian is a beautiful city. Dalian is close to Beijing. I spent 5o minutes on the plane. Dalian is near the sea. I smelled the salty taste in the air. The roads are clean. There are lots of trees and flowers near the roads. There are many esplanades and Japanese buildings. There are some fountains in one of the esplanades. Some people flew kites and walked on the esplanades. We went to see the beach and the sea. The sea is blue. There were many swimmers in the sea. I lay on the beach to see the sky.Dalian is a very nice place to live.

        Huhehot is in Inner Mongol. There are lots of large grasslands. The grasslands are endless. The sky is bright blue. There were a lot of horses and sheep. They were running or eating grass. I rode a horse on the graland. I picked some colourful flowers. We drank the tea with milk. There is a small desert, it was very hot when I walked on it. The sand could sing.

        These trips helped me open my eyes. I enjoyed my day.


        In recent years, more and more citizens here would like to travel abroad. In 1995, the number of people who would like to travel abroad was 10000, which increased to nearly 40000 in 20__. And in 20__, the number further climbed above 12,000. there are several reasons for the shocking rise.

        the improvement of the economic conditions is probably the main reason for it. People do not need to worry about their diet and various other necessities. After visiting famous scenic spots throughout our country, the citizens’ taste has changed, with support of enough finance.

        Moreover, enhancement of personal capacity is becoming more and more a requirement for those who want to make GREater success.

        With the development of economy and technology, citizens begin to take advantage of different foreign products as well as education. Since most citizens have got used to their life at home, traveling abroad becomes one of the easiest ways to have direct contact with exotic cultures.

        Many advantages as traveling abroad may bring to us, it may also bring about many disadvantages. For instance, there are many elites who have ever traveled abroad may be attracted by the nicer living and researching conditions abroad and thus never return, which is really a pity to our nation.

        Comparatively speaking, traveling abroad is a serious decision to make. Maybe, look before you leap is better.

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       a trip to兰州30字小短文重点旅游景点带反释

       Last summer, I went to summer lanzhou.On the first day,we went to the beach.It was sunny and very hot, we had great fun playing in the water. On the next day, we went shopping. The stores were too crowed, so I was so tired after that and I didn't enjoy it .On the last day, it was rainy, so we went to visit a museum. It was not crowded,but kind of boring. However, I enjoyed myself during summer camp because I made friends with many boys and girls.




       Lanzhou, Gansu Province


       Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province, is a major stop on the ancient "Silk Road" west of Xi'an. Situated on the upper reaches of the Yellow River, Lanzhou has been important for thousands of years because of the Hexi Corridor, or “Corridor West of the Yellow River,” in which early Chinese civilization began. About 3,000 years ago, in the Zhou Dynasty, agriculture began to take shape in the basins of the Jin and Wei Rivers that formed the corridor, marking the beginning of the great Yellow River basin civilization.


       Starting in the Qin Dynasty, merchants and traders traveling from Xi'an to central Asia and then on to the Roman Empire, or the other way round, broke their long journey at Lanzhou. To protect this corridor and important communications hub, the Great Wall was extended under the Han as far as Yumen, in the far northwest of present-day Gansu Province.


       Lanzhou became capital of a succession of tribal states during the turbulent ventures that followed the decline of the Han Dynasty. During this time of turmoil, people began to turn to ideologies that satisfied their need for hope. Taoism developed into a religion, and Buddhism became the official religion in some of the northern states. Buddhist art also flourished, and shrines were built in temples, caves, and on cliffs. From the fifth to the 11th centuries, Dunhuang, beyond the Yumen Pass of the Great Wall, became a center for Buddhist study, drawing scholars and pilgrims from afar. It was a period in which magnificent works of art were created.






       麻烦帮我写一片介绍兰州的英语作文 150-200字即可

       My hometown is in lanzhou,beautiful scenery,a beautiful WuQuan mountain and BaiDaShan.The railway is like a rainbow across the Yellow River,the Yellow River four miles a charming scenery FengQingXian provide people with a tourist recreation.

        In spring,warm,WuQuan snow and ice on the mountains melted,walking in the park by the willow complements the streams,nearer and nearer the singing of ding ding mountain spring flowers bloom,park,fragrance pubi,most people may like this season.

        In summer,the sun is shining,the yacht filled with shade,perhaps view with many people in this season.

        In winter,the north wind,flying snowflakes shout,the animals to hide in the house,but the children afraid of cold,go ice skating,make a snowman and snowball fights,happy!

        I prefer autumn in lanzhou,every autumn,lanzhou sky is so high,when you walk in the park,listening to the series series of rotating creaks voice,looking at the blue sky floating in the BaiYunShi blossoming,you mind will remind of many...







       The introduction of Lanzhou city兰州市中英文简介

       兰州,甘肃省省会,中国西北地区重要的工业基地和综合交通枢纽,西部地区重要的中心城市之一,西陇海兰新经济带重要支点, 西北重要的交通枢纽和物流中心,是新亚欧大陆桥中国段五大中心城市之一,西北地区第二大城市,是我国华东、华中地区联系西部地区的桥梁和纽带,西北的交通通信枢纽和科研教育中心,丝绸之路经济带的重要节点城市 ,也是西部战区陆军机关驻地。



       Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province in northwest China. The

       Yellow River, the Chinese Mother River, runs through the city, ensuring

       rich crops of many juicy and fragrant fruits. The city is the transportation and telecommunication center of the region. Covering an

       area of 1631.6 square kilometers (629.96 square miles), it was once a

       key point on the ancient Silk Road. Today, it is a hub of the Silk Road

       Tourism Ring, with Maiji Caves to the east, Bingling Temple Grottoes to

       the west, Labrang Monastery to the south and Dunhuang Mogao Caves to the


       With mountains to the south and north of the city and the

       Yellow River flowing from the east to the west, Lanzhou is a beautiful

       modern city with both the grand beauty of northern cities and the

       prettiness of southern cities. The city downtown comprises five

       districts: Chengguan, Qilihe, Xigu, Honggu and Anning. Among them,

       Chengguan District, situated in the eastern part of the city, is the

       center of politics, economy, culture and transportation.

       Anning District, in the northwestern part, is the economic development zone as

       well as the area where most colleges are located.



       Baita mountain park is located on the north bank of the Yellow River in lanzhou city.


       The white pagoda was originally built in memory of a Tibetan sakya lama who went to Mongolia to meet genghis khan and died in lanzhou.



       Bapanxia tourism resort is located in lanzhou city, the most western end of the Yellow River upstream bapanxia reservoir, the water is vast.


       The confluence of Yellow River and huangshui river is suitable for water sports and recreation.



       Turugou forest park is located in liancheng forest, yongdeng county, 160 kilometers northwest of lanzhou city.


       Qilian mountains belong to the east foot, is a strange mountain xiushui as the main natural landscape tourism area.

       (属祁连山脉的东麓, 是一以奇山秀水为主体的自然景观旅游区。)

       Known as the "mythical green valley."



       Xinglong mountain park is located five kilometers southwest of lanzhou yuzhong county, 60 kilometers away from lanzhou.


       There are more than 70 pavilions, pavilions and temples, and 24 scenic spots.



       The memorial hall of the eighth route army office was approved as a provincial cultural relic protection unit in 1963.


       In 1978, the memorial hall of lanzhou eighth route army office was built at the old site of no. 2 huzhu lane.


       It was officially opened in January 1981.




       Last sunday. I and my father mother grandparents brother went to lanzhou by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain I feel a little tiredit began to rainMy West Lake silk umbrella missed. Dad said to mechenlu don’t do anything halfway.at lastSo I insisted reached the top the top of the scenery so beautiful.We were flying kites I was thirsty my mother bought me a bottle of water .finally we went home.finallySince then I've kept the umbrellai was very happy.





       Gulangyu is a small island of Xiamen. It’s like a garden on the water. Cars and buses are not allowed to drive there,which makes the island so quiet that music played on the piano and violin can be heard.


       Here the sky and the sea clearly meet on the horizon. When standing at the top of the Sunshine Rock,you can see much of the landscape of Xiamen,and when standing at its foot,you can gaze at the beautiful garden that surrounds it.


       Gulangyu produces bananas,coconuts,sugar cane and so on. The people here,warm,simple and hardworking,are making every effort to make the island more beautiful and they hope to welcome more visitors in the future.


       Such is Gulangyu,a beautiful and inviting island,where a warm welcome awaits




       adj. 风景优美的;舞台的;戏剧的

       n. 风景胜地;风景照片


       This is an extremely scenic part of America.



       n. 旅行者,观光客

       adj. 旅游的

       vt. 在旅行参观

       vi. 旅游;观光

       adv. 坐旅游车厢;坐经济舱



























       Bozhou is a national famous historical and cultural city and one of

       China's excellent tourist cities. It is a very famous tourist

       attraction, such as Cao Cao's military transportation road, flower

       theater, moral palace, Cao's clan tombs, Hua Zuan, etc.


       Cao Cao's underground troop transportation road is located under the

       main streets in the old city of Bozhou, with a length "underground Great Wall". The tunnel extends

       in all directions and has a complex structure. It has four forms:

       one-way road, turning Road, parallel double road and upper and lower

       two-story road.


       It is equipped with military facilities such as cat hole, barrier wall,

       leg tripping board and trap, as well as auxiliary facilities such as

       vent hole, Messenger hole and lantern. Cao Cao used tunnel tactics many

       times to win the war.


       Located in the North pass of Bozhou City, Huaxi building, with a

       construction area of 3163.1 square meters, is a national key cultural

       relics protection unit. The theater was originally a stage of the great

       emperor temple. It is named for its gorgeous carvings and colorful


       花戏楼位于亳州城北关,建筑面积3163.1平方米,是全国重点文物 保护单位。戏楼本来是大帝庙的一座舞台。因上面雕刻彩绘绚丽夺目而得名。

       Welcome friends at home and abroad to Bozhou.




       My hometown is Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, located at the southwest end of Shanxi Province. There is no beautiful West Lake in the south of the Yangtze River and no myriad customs in Rio. There is a different scenery.


       "West Garden" is a big park in Yuncheng, which is also a major feature of Yuncheng, especially in spring. As soon as you enter the "West Garden", you can see the peach blossoms on both sides of the road. Each one is so pink, just like little girls smeared with rouge. They look more moving against the light green leaves.


       The beautiful Nanfeng square is also a great beauty of Yuncheng. Stepping into the south wind square, the grass is like grass and the flowers are like brocade; The land is vast and the sky is far away. It is refreshing and pleasant. I love my hometown Yuncheng. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit Yuncheng!



       Shanxi is a province of the People's Republic of China located in the northern part of the country. It borders Hebei to the east, Henan to the south, Shaanxi to the west, and Inner Mongolia to the north. The provincial capital city is Taiyuan.

       Shanxi is endowed with an abundance of cultural sites from its long history. Most of the ancient structures were built before the Liao and Song Dynasties. So it is the reason why Shanxi is often called the 'Chinese Ancient Architecture Museum'. The more obvious of these include: the Buddhist wonder of the Yungang Grottoes in Datong City, the Ancient City of Pingyao which was listed as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1997, the oldest and tallest ancient wooden pagoda in China, the Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian County and the remote Shuanglin Temple and Jinci Temple, which are well worth the long journeys for the visitors.

       Of course, there are a number of natural magnificent and beautiful places that can also be seen in Shanxi. The most famous of them include Wutai Mountain with the longest and most prestigious history in the four most well-known Buddhist holy lands of China, the whistling rage of the Yellow River's Kettle Spout waterfalls (Hukou Waterfalls) and one of the Five Sacred Mountains in China - Mt. Hengshan.



旅游英语作文 篇1

Tourism,is developing rapidly in China. With the reform and opening -up policy being carried out, thousands upon thousands of foreign visitors are crowding into our country. They are eager to see this old mysterious land with a splendid culture of more than 5,000 as a form of enterprise brings China a lot of benefits. In the fires place, it is financially beneficial to the economic development of China. As our know, China needs more and more foreign currencies for its modernization program. Tourism is one of the most important channels to obtain currencies. Secondly, tourism enables the Chinese people to know more about the outside the other hand, the foreigners who have visited China are deeply impressed by the latest developments of out country and the friendliness and hospitality of our people. Reports by visitors to China about how courteous and helpful most Chinese were to them are often printed in newspapers of many different countries. It is clear that tourism contributes a great deal to the friendship and mutual understanding between the Chinese people and people all over the 旅游英语作文 篇2

I just came back from XIan .As is known to everyone ,Xian is an ancient city it is the capital of many dynasties of china and also one of the most famous ancient capital in the world ,after the tour in Xian I found its another attractive side .there have a lot of local refreshments which is very delicious .and the modern transportation is very convenient .the modern building is also coming up one after another .As we admired the splendid relics we also impressed by the recent achievements it has achieved .by the way ,the weather in there is pretty comfortable .and accommodation is also very cheap .All in all ,the trip in Xian is really a nice memory for me .



旅游英语作文 篇3

I m very happy that we visited Xian last enjoy those days in Xian very is a great city,it has long history and great went to the Xian museum,and the great two also saw the great ancient soldiers,and a lot of wonderful also has clean and wide streets,high buildings and a lot of good love the noodles!Xian is so lovely that a lot of people go to visit also saw many foreign visitors,they were all very interested in was so proud about xian,and our great 带翻译:


旅游英语作文 篇4

In my life, to talk about memorable things, that is everywhere. To choose one of the most profound, the most real, the most touching, that is unforgettable thing, it is at your fingertips, because it has been in my mind a firm remember at the end of 20xx, our family went to Shenzhen, to three dad to play. Just met the snow disaster, just go to Guiyang are a day and a half, turn a few cars, spent a lot of money to. And then hurried to the train station to take the train, but luck better, just a car on the departure. Do not guess, we must be tired and panting, exhausted, once the placement of luggage on the head to sleep!

After a few days of Bashan wading, we arrived in Guangzhou by train, and got three dad to open the car, after a few hours to reach the destination - Shenzhen. One to his house, three dad three mother to arrange for us in a bedroom to put things down, after eating dinner, they look at the TV, chat, on the Internet, began to next day, we got up early, so they followed the three dad mother to go to the supermarket to buy things, ready to play the window of the world. We take the subway to the window of the world, bought a few tickets, followed by queuing up with the a window of the world, as if from one world to another, the world is famous for its architectural model: Pyramids, Sphinx, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Hawaii Volcano, Mount Fuji, Dutch Windmill, Sydney Opera House , Victoria Falls and other large buildings, in addition to the Great Wall and terracotta warriors and horses and some other buildings are not, almost all the worlds famous buildings are gathered here! We visited the day, but did not all visit finished, but the day has been late, we only reluctantly the window of the world, we went to the big Meisha, Zhongshan Park and other places, every day is happy to go, safe and peaceful back, really great!

Now I have been home for a long time, but in Shenzhen that play a few days as if it happened yesterday, because it has been deeply branded in my heart, never forget!

旅游英语作文 篇5



1. 旅游是一种非常好的活动。当你工作累了,有空的时候,到外的欣赏自然。可呼吸新鲜空气,可交友,忘记疲劳,有益健康。

2. 旅游有时很麻烦。天气多变。小偷偷钱也是常事。

3. 旅游时应做充分的准备,需了解天气情况。有朋友在一起,可互相照顾。小心不要出事故


I like traveling , for it is a activicy that combines a lot of happiness and I feel very tired as well as I am free, I wanna go traveling .Not only can I enjoy the beatiful nature and freash air,but also make friends with others . Therefore I will forget how tire I used to be ,even keep me more ,there are also many trobles on it. for example,the changeable weather always cause your plan change. Besides,running into some theves is something that always happen .

So,you must do the full preparation,and to have a good knowledge of the had better go with your friends so that you can take care of each other ,and donnot forget to watch out for 旅游英语作文 篇6

i love not only broadens my horizons but also opens my eyes to the world. whats more, it refreshes me. you can go to disneyland and experience what its like to be “a child again!” you can visit one of the “seven wonders of the world,” such as the grand canyon and feel the magnificence of nature! you can taste the “magicial” ice water on a glacier, which can help you become more beautiful and make you live forget all trifles and burdens that you have in your mind. experience is a type of living knowledge. youll be sure to experience many new things when traveling. you dont even need a tour guide if you long for more freedom. just dont forget to bring your backpack!

旅游英语作文 篇7

Nowadays, traveling is becoming a more and more important part of our life. But some travelers have some bad behaviors and habits while visiting some places of interest. Some make noises in public places. Others throw rubbish and write or draw everywhere and so on. As a middle school student, I think we should pay attention to our behaviors. For example, throw rubbish i nto dustbins and don’t write or draw on the relics. Don’t make noises in public places. We’d better follow guides and obey orders. At the same time, we should not only protect natural environment but also respect local customs and 旅游英语作文 篇8

Dear Mark:

How are you ?Few days ago ,my parents and I paid a visit to Beijing,and we had a lot fun we visited The Palace Museum .It is also called the forbiden Palace Museum is located on city center in is existing biggest, most integrity of thou building is been one of five greatest temples in the world by the we went to the Greet started building in 7th Century BC. That time was in Qin Dynasty. The purpose of the wall was to keep out invaders. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year a lot of people from all over the world come to visit it. It is one of the seven great wonders of the really had fun there!

旅游英语作文 篇9

Last vacation, I went to Beijing with my family. We went there by train. The train was comfortable. We spent five days visiting Beijing. On the first day, we went to Tian'an Men Square, It is so big. and there were lots of people taking photos. Then we went to the Palace Museum. We saw thousands of houses. Kings lived there before. I felt interesting. The second day was cloudy, so we went to the museums. We saw many old things. On teh third day we went to the Great Wall. It was so great! We were tired. So the next day we stayed at the hotel. The last day we went shopping and bought lots of things. I had a happy 旅游英语作文 篇10

In the summer family took a trip by plane . We come to the Chinese Capital is a prosperous city. It has many places of historic interest and scenic visited the Museum of the Imperial Palace. I saw the chinese great leader Chairman